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    APL Training

    Flexible, customised courses from introductory to advanced levels are available for developers and system designers using the APL language. Courses may be tailored according to the version of APL you use, including:

    Dyalog APL for Windows/Unix/Linux/Pocket-PC

    APL+Win for Windows/Unix

    Sharp APL for OS390/Unix/Linux

    APLX for Windows/Linux/MacOS/AIX

    IBM-APL2 for MVS/VM/AIX/Linux/Solaris/Windows

    Course delivery may be arranged at your facility or at a downtown Toronto location. The typical format is a three-day hands-on course in a small group, including exercises and plenty of opportunity for skills development and feedback. Other options, including one-day workshops, are possible. In all courses, there is a strong emphasis on reliable APL coding techniques, focusing on the design of efficient and maintainable APL systems.

    General Information on APL Borealis Training - timing, location, registration details, etc.

Introductory APL
For beginners, includes APL basics, the APL environment, APL keyboard and session manager; introduction to language primitives; workspace management and user-defined functions; working with character and numeric arrays; quad-functions; searching, sorting, and generating numbers.

APL Programming Techniques
Formatting and report-creation; more primitives; operators; file systems (component and native); idioms, utilities; enclosed arrays; code management; performance issues; event handling and debugging.

Advanced APL & System Design
Focuses on the key aspects of efficient design, performance and maintainability in large APL systems; transaction processing; code management; programming standards; readability and maintainability of APL code; event handling; debugging; performance monitoring and improvement.

Windows/GUI Design in APL
Introduction to creating GUIs; graphics in APL; using other Windows features including OLE/ActiveX, ADO (Active Data Objects), etc.; migration from DOS to Windows; interfacing with non-APL systems.

Special Topics in APL
Including Microsoft .NET APL programming; Excel & APL advanced techniques; APL and SQL Database programming; hybrid systems with APL as Client or Server; and more.

Design Your Own Course!
Mix and match from any of the above to design your own course and format to suit your exact requirements; tell us what you need - and we can tailor the course topics to fit your timeframe.

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Your Instructor:
Richard Procter has been a specialist in APL software since 1979, and has developed and delivered courses on APL since 1992. Richard is the past Chair of the Toronto APL Special Interest Group, a chapter of the ACM/SIGAPL. He also chaired the highly successful annual APL conference "APL97", in Toronto.

Cancellation Policy - APL Borealis Training

Some APL Borealis training events take place at rented facilities in downtown Toronto. In such cases, advance payment or invoicing is required. Please ask us for details regarding billing/cancellation if required.